Conservative Portfolio For Low Risk Investors

7,155 17 January, 2019

Are you an investor who gets easily panicked due to volatility in the market? Are you looking for a low risk investment option?

In this video, you will learn about a conservative mutual fund portfolio that can provide you with much better returns than the FDs and other traditional investment options. The video consist of four parts which are:

  • The objective followed by the mutual fund portfolio.
  • The portfolio allocation and fund selection process.
  • How the schemes in the portfolio have performed in the past.
  • The growth prospects of the portfolio and investors’ suitability.

Using the information in the video you can decide if the portfolio matches your investment style and then make the decisions accordingly.

The researched information will help you match the suggested conservative portfolio with your investment preferences, and then you can decide if the allocation matches your investment style or not, and make the decision of investing accordingly. Lastly, one must remember that the suggested schemes are only for the conservative investors who are either new to mutual fund investment or the ones reaching close to their retirement age and have an investment horizon of around three years.

Note: Before investing remember that the portfolio is for low risk investors and thus, you can not expect really high returns from it.