Comparison of Best Smallcap Funds | SBI smallcap vs Nippon smallcap vs Axis smallcap vs Quant vs BOI

1,627 15 January, 2022

Best Small cap Funds in 2022 - Simple & Detailed Comparison SBI Small Cap Fund Vs Nippon India Small Cap Fund Vs Axis Small Cap Fund Vs Quant Small Cap Fund Vs L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Vs BOI Axa Small Cap Fund

Best Mutual Funds in India for 2022 | Best Small Cap Mutual Funds for SIP 2022 I Best Small Cap Mutual Funds for Long Term | Best Small Cap Mutual Funds for High Returns.


0:00 Our Research Ideology

1:20 Top Fund Selections

2:26 Basic Information Comparison

4:09 Returns Analysis Comparison

5:49 Risk Analysis Comparison

7:23 Investing Strategies Comparison

9.55 Portfolio Allocation Comparison

13:47 Summary - Top 3 Winners

14:33 Suggestions

Hello Investors,

This video is comparison of best small cap mutual funds. Where you can see detailed review of best small cap mutual funds for 2022. List of Top 5 Small Cap Funds are

SBI Small Cap Fund Review

Nippon India Small Cap Fund Review

Axis Small Cap Fund Review

Quant Small Cap Fund Review

L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Review

BOI Axa Small Cap Fund Review

But in the end, we have disclosed top 3 smallcap fund based on the analysis report. Also, we have suggested the best small cap funds for three different risk profiles of investors. Such as best fund for high returns & high-risk investors, the best fund for the low-risk investors,s and best quality smallcap fund for the long term.

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