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6,099 20 June, 2024

Expert Analysis: Interim Budget 2019 presented by FM Piyush Goyal on #LokSabha. Know all about revised tax rates and important changes. This video is a most-requested video on the analysis of Interim Budget 2019. Here, we have tried to summarize the effect of the recently announced Indian budget 2019 with simplicity to make all our viewers understand it with ease. The budget is considered to be an interim budget for 2019, which is referred to as the budget for the months before the General Election. The final Union Budget will be announced after the election. The specialty of the budget is that it can be referred to as a populist budget which is made focusing on the significant population of the country. The primary focus of the passed interim budget 2019-20 was on middle-class people and farmers to provide the maximum benefit to these two classes. This is done with the objective to increase the consumption in India which thus will increase the spending, leading to a rise in the GDP. In this video, we will first discuss the tax policy changes that were brought up by the Modi Government. Described further are all the major policies introduced for other segments which is one of the interesting things that our investors would love to know about. The overall major boosters that were presented through the budget speech by FM Piyush Goyal are all in favour of Indian economic growth; however, the real impact will be seen after the implementation of the passed budget. So, how is market connected to all these? Which sectors will improve in the market? You will find out in the video provided above. Watch this video to the end, and don�t forget to share it with your friends and family if you find it interesting. You can also write to us with your feedback at e-mail address. To start investing now in mutual funds, download our mobile app now. Join the fastest growing online mutual fund platform and stay connected at: Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/mysiponline Google Plus - goo.gl/0IHtzA Pinterest - https://in.pinterest.com/mysiponline Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mysiponline/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/MySIPonline #interimbudget #budget2019 #hindi Tags: Interim budget Interim budget 2019 India budget 2019 Budget 2019 Budget 2019 India Top news Breaking news Hindi news Piyush Goyal Tax amendments Section 80C Income tax exemption Budget for middle class Budget for farmers Trending Budget 2019 India Highlights Budget 2019 India Analysis Interim Budget 2019 Highlights India Interim Budget 2019 India Defense budget Budget announcement Current Affairs Budget highlights

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