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6,134 20 June, 2024

Link to explore the Smallcases: Hello Investors Welcome to @themutualfundtalk2955 In this video, we will be reviewing best smallcase to invest in 2022. As it is constructed from quality stocks and best suitable for long term pure investing. As of Dec 2021, that smallcase has given 262% returns since April 2020 therefore it is also one of the top-performing smallcase of FY 2021-22. Smallcase Name: High Quality Right Price - By Green Portfolio (Manager) Click on this link to invest: Timestamps: 0:00 - Philosophy of Pure Investing 1:38 - Review: High-Quality Right Price Smallcase 1:56 - Strategy Analysis 3:58 - Performance Analysis 4:49 - Opinion My Source of Information Ticketape: Smallcase: Economics Times: Trading Economics: Secondary Research Trending Videos 5 Best Smallcase Best Semiconductor Theme Fund Best Auto Sector Fund High Returns Small cap Fund ***********************

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