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5,413 20 June, 2024

Link to explore the Smallcases: Hello Investors Welcome to @The Mutual Fund Talk In this video, we have discussed the best small case to invest in 2022. There are so many smallcase portfolios offered by many paid managers. But in this video, we reviewed wright research smallcase. Which are offering top performing smallcases and they follow quanitative style of investing. Also, their fees are very low among other paid manager and returns are very high Smallcase Manager : Wrigth Research Timestamps: 0:00 - Who is highest return earning investor - Warren buffet or James Simon? 0:43 - Strategy of James Simon 1:14 - Smallcase 1:39 - About Wright Research - Strategy & List of smallcases 2:29 - Risk-Based Smallcases 4:46 - Theme Based Smallcases 5:48 - Opinion Best smallcases offered by Wright Research 1. Wrigth Smallcap 2. Wrigth Momentum 3. Wright Quality 4. Conservative Multi Factor 5. Balanced Multi Factor 6. Growth Multi Factor Trending Videos 5 Best Smallcase Quality Stocks Smallcase Best Semiconductor Theme Fund Best Auto Sector Fund High Returns Small cap Fund ***********************

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