Best Aggressive Mutual Funds Portfolio For High Risk Investors

108,077 11 January, 2019

Are you looking for a high growth from mutual funds? Do you have a moderately high risk appetite? Are you ready to explore the opportunities of the equity market?

Watch this video to know about the best aggressive mutual fund portfolio to invest in 2019. The video contains the complete analysis of the aggressive portfolio and is divided into 4 parts which are:

  • The objective followed by the portfolio.
  • The portfolio allocation and fund selection process.
  • Performance history of all mutual fund schemes in the portfolio.
  • The growth expectancy and investors’ suitability.

After watching the video you can decide if the portfolio suits your investment preferences and then you can make investments accordingly.

Note: Don’t just make a decision by looking at the growth. This is a high risk portfolio, which means during unfavorable market conditions, negativity can be seen. So, only invest if you can handle a high level of fluctuations.