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6,865 20 June, 2024

What is an aggressive portfolio in mutual fund investment? How to build an aggressive portfolio for higher returns in 2021? How to create the best model portfolio for high returns in 2021? These questions often roll into the mind of an investor who is targeting good returns at the cost of high risk. If you are also the one, then your search ends with this video. ************************************************************************************************* Three Pillars to Mutual Fund Investment Top 5 Mutual Funds - Playlist Top 5 Large Cap Funds Top 5 Mid Cap Funds Top 5 Small Cap Funds Top 5 Flexi Cap Funds Best ELSS Tax Saving Funds How to Invest in Mutual Funds Step 1 How to Calculate your Risk Profile Step 2 Two different styles of Investing: Fund Based Investing or Portfolio Based Investing Step 3 Selection of Funds or Portfolios based on Risk Profile ************************************************************************************************ In this session, you will see the optimal portfolio arrangement for aggressive mutual fund investors. Here we have shown a step by step analysis of the portfolio and the major highlights of the video are: What Is an Aggressive Portfolio? How to Create an Aggressive Portfolio for Mutual Fund Investment? What Is the Investment Strategy for Aggressive Portfolio? What Is Multi Asset Portfolio? What Is Market Outlook for Aggressive Portfolio? Portfolio Allocation & Selection of high return mutual funds Aggressive Portfolio Allocation Performance & Risk of Aggressive Mutual Fund Portfolio India Who Should Build an Aggressive Portfolio? In this video, the aggressive mutual fund portfolio example is a combination of equity funds (55%), international equity funds (15%), debt funds and bonds (15%), and gold (15%). Furthermore, the best mutual funds 2021 included in the portfolio are: Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund Edelweiss Europe Dynamic Equity Offshore Fund PGIM India Emerging Markets Equity Growth ICICI Prudential Credit Risk Fund Axis Strategic Bond Fund ABSL Gold Fund / Kotak Gold Fund #mutualfund #investment #SIP Tags: aggressive portfolio mutual funds high return mutual funds aggressive mutual fund portfolio model portfolio theory aggressive investors how to build winning portfolio mutual fund portfolio for long term best portfolio of mutual funds india mutual funds portfolio best mutual fund portfolio 2021 best mutual fund portfolio for long term best mutual fund portfolio mutual fund portfolio kaise banaye diversified portfolio best portfolio of sip investment

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