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5,531 20 June, 2024

Hello Investors, Welcome Back to the Mutual Fund Talk Show This segment is all about the best balanced mutual fund portfolio for 2019. In the previous video, we have covered the best aggressive mutual fund portfolio for investors and all of you highly appreciated it. This is the second video which covers a balanced mutual fund portfolio, specially designed for moderate-risk investors. This portfolio will help investors to get high returns without being exposed to much higher degree of risk. In the video, we have discussed portfolio arrangement for moderate mutual fund investors. A step-by-step analysis has been made to reach out to the best fund recommendation. The overall research is divided into four main segments which include: ? The objective of the portfolio. ? Portfolio allocation and fund selection process. ? Historical performance of the schemes. ? Future growth prospects and investors� suitability. The information will help you to match the portfolio with your investment preferences, and then you can decide if the allocation matches your style of investing or not and make the decision accordingly. One must decide to invest in this moderately risky mutual fund portfolio only if the objective is to earn good returns with the calculated amount of risk. For seeking any investment-related suggestion further, you can visit us at our website Watch this video to the end, and don�t forget to share your valuable comments on how you like it. Pass on the video to your friends and family as well if you find it useful. Don�t hesitate to write to us with your feedback at To start investing now in this best balanced mutual fund portfolio for 2019, download our mobile app now - Join the fastest growing online mutual fund platform and stay connected at: Facebook Page - Google Plus - Pinterest - Instagram - Twitter - #lumpsuminvestmentportfolio #mutualfunds2019 #hindi #balancedportfolio #moderaterisk Tags: Balanced Portfolio Model Portfolio Theory How to build balanced portfolio How to build winning portfolio How to build mutual fund portfolio Best funds for moderate risk investors Best consistent performing funds Best balanced portfolio Best balanced mutual funds Best aggressive hybrid mutual fund Best multi cap mutual fund Best debt low duration fund Low risk high return mutual funds Mirae mutual funds Mirae asset India equity fund Reliance mutual funds Reliance large cap fund Axis mutual funds Axis bluechip fund Franklin mutual funds Franklin low duration fund Debt funds best funds for beginners best funds for intermediate investors Asset allocation Best funds of 2019 Best mutual funds in 2019 Mutual Funds in Hindi Medium risk investment Medium risk high returns Portfolio for investment Trending mutual funds Balanced Portfolio Asset Allocation Well Balanced Portfolio Building a Balanced Portfolio Balanced fund SIP Balanced fund Returns Balanced fund vs Fixed deposit Balanced fund For 2019 Portfolio management

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