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5,364 20 June, 2024

Today�s Fund Review is all about Axis Long Term Equity Fund. Another popular ELSS tax saving option, and the third fund of this cycle of ELSS category reviews. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Want to calculate a mutual fund�s performance? Check this out: Watch our fund review series on ELSS - tax saving mutual funds: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? This fund review has been conducted by our head research analyst, and is backed by data from Global Fintech Research. In the first part of the video, various informative features related to it are discussed, followed by SIP and Lumpsum investments to give an insight as to how its returns will be in a projected time frame based on the past. This is followed by a comprehensive study of the fund�s historical performance, based on its long-term and short-term performance, performance consistency and performance during the positive phase of the market. The second part discusses the fund�s risk and how well it manages risk. This gives an idea as to how it performs when the market is low. Finally, the fund�s portfolio is analyzed to get a picture of how it will do in the future. For this, its investment philosophy, strategy and management are studied, followed by its allocation across market-cap, sectors and holdings along with their fundamentals. It is a very important part of any mutual fund analysis, and this helps in understanding how suitable a fund is for an investor. After each section, our analyst rates the fund�s performance on a scale of 5 so that you can get a clear idea about its strengths and weaknesses. The video concludes by stating the pros and cons of the fund, along with its suitability, so that a viewer can understand clearly on how suitable the fund is for their investment purposes. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? DISCLAIMERS: 1) The consistency ratio has been presented on the basis of 1-year returns, rolling at every quarter. For Axis Long Term Equity Fund, we made 21 observations. 2) Returns observed as of 10th March, 2019, and Risks observed as of 28th of February, 2019. 3) The data presented in the Portfolio Analysis has been developed by Global Fintech Research Team. 4) The data of ROE, Net Margins, Sales Growth, P/E and P/BV is an average of the last 3 years. 5) The ratings are based on generic analysis and the conclusion has been given on a general basis by observing all the subjective parameters. And while you are at it, follows us on Instagram: @mftalks | Facebook: #mutualfunds #taxsaving #elss #hindi ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Tags: axis long tern equity fund axis long tern equity fund regular growth review axis long tern equity fund elss axis long tern equity fund review Mutual Fund Review axis long tern equity fund 2019 axis long tern equity fund - regular plan g axis long tern equity fund growth invest online REVIEW Axis Long Term Equity Fund Best ELSS/Tax Saving Funds axis long tern equity fund G Tax Saving Mutual Fund Top ElSS 2019 Best Tax Saving options under 80C 2019 Axis Long Term Equity axis long tern equity fund growth ELSS mutual Funds Review best mutual fund for tax saving Axis Long Term Equity Fund Review 2019 Best ELSS Fund Axis MF Long Term Equity Fund Best Tax Saving Fund of Axis Mutual Fund Axis Long Term Equity Mutual Fund Tax saving ELSS Axis long-term equity fund ELSS fund Update Axis long term equity fund complete review axis long tern equity fund analysis Axis long term equity fund best elss 2019

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I had Rs.100,000 cash in hand, which I wanted to invest in the best mutual fund scheme. Thanks to MySIPonline for advising me to put my money in the Axis Long Term Mutual Fund. I am earning maximum profits from the same and enjoying tax savings as well. Thanks a lot for your guidance and the best services.
Chinmay Goswami Jaipur, Rajasthan
Axis Long Term Equity Fund has simplified the tax planning for me. My taxes are getting reduced by making monthly investment and above that, I can also see my investment prosper. It is definitely the best tax saving tool and every taxpayer must utilise this opportunity.
Nishtha Bhattacharya Kolkata, West Bengal
I was unaware that mutual funds can help me in reducing my taxes. As soon as I realised I can save tax and earn wealth on the same investment, it took me no time to start monthly investment online in Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth . I can see in my dashboard that the returns are increasing at a constant rate. I have been receiving better gains than I expected. Much recommended.
Tanmay Lucknow
Axis Long Term Equity Fund will always be my number one solution to tax saving problems. I invest Rs 12,500 every month in this scheme to reduce tax liability and to my surprise, it provided outstanding returns to me. I am much happy with my decision and suggested this scheme to all my friends and they thank me later.
Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth is the best thing in India to save tax. It is so much convenient as I can invest every month and still reduce tax implication. The wealth gain it has provided me in the last 3 years is more than the tax that I pay. I cannot be more satisfied with any mutual fund scheme except this.
Thank you guys for assisting me in making the best choice of Axis Long Term Equity Fund Growth for SIP plans. Now I can fetch consistent returns in a systematic manner while investing a small amount regularly. It is all possible with the guidance and assistance I have attained from the experts of MySIPonline. They helped me out in making the right choice and invest in online SIPs.
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