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Historical Performance
Portfolio-SIP Return Analysis (5 Years)
Portfolio Return :
  • Annualized Return
  • In + Ve Market
  • In SideWays
  • In -Ve Market

* Above shown graph are only for illustration and educational purpose. Past performance is not the criteria for future returns.

Investment Breakdown Schemes
Schemes Category Amount Allocation Total Rtn.(In 5 Yrs) Annualized Rtn.

* The total returns are calculated on the basis of SIP investment returns in the last five years. Moreover, the annualised returns are simply the average SIP returns per annum. Investors should consult their financial advisor if in doubt whether the product is suitable for them.

Wealth Management: Managing Your Money to Build Wealth Easily

Wealth management is the primary aim of every investor which he/she desires to attain by availing the best services from the wealth management advisors. Wealth builder has become a popular investment planning platform which can be used by the investors to take an initiative towards wealth creation. We, at MySIPonline, have the best advisors to provide you with the wealth management services to design a plan in order to create a huge corpus.

What is Wealth Management?

Before you start designing a strategy to manage your riches, it is quite essential to understand the basic concepts of the same. Being a type of management programme, it involves a complete procedure which deals and controls money efficiently and effectively in order to generate high results in the form of wealth. From the investors’ point of view it is considered to be a method of solving and enhancing their financial situation, while as per the perspective of the advisors it is a method to deliver the best wealth builder plan to the clients.

How Does Wealth Builder Work?

In order to manage your hard-earned money, we have provided a simple calculator with the use of which you can simplify the entire investment process in order to achieve your wealth building goal. We are here to help you create a huge corpus for your future in order to live an extremely rich life. We consider various parameters that involve:

  • Your age at which you want to start your plan for wealth building
  • Type of investment out of lump sum and SIP you want to initiate with
  • Amount of investment
  • Tenure of investment
  • Your risk profile as per your financial status and risk-bearing capacity

On the basis of your inputs in the corresponding fields we design a portfolio which includes the complete asset allocation pie chart, growth chart in the form of graph and investment breakdown in different schemes. Moreover, you will also be able to know the exact amount that you would achieve in the future to fulfil your wealth building goals. We provide you with the recommendations of the best-performing mutual funds that you can add to your portfolio in order to confirm your future earnings. You can initiate your investment in those schemes either by using the Systematic Investment Plan or by making a lump sum payment at once.

You can further change your details to plan your wealth management accordingly. Our entire team of wealth advisors and managers are indulged in providing the best services to the investors in order to accomplish their goals of investing. We let you make the best utilisation of your hard-earned money by investing the funds in the wealth creation plans.

We all desire to live a luxurious life and want to enjoy all the amenities in life that include a big house, a luxury car, branded clothes, and so on. It can be achieved by making a worthy plan of investment in the best mutual funds. It is known to everyone that investments help to raise the standard of an individual and thus one must invest the hard-earned money in the mutual funds to grab the wealth building goal to build a financially stable life.