Balanced Hybrid
Earlier known as

MIP Aggressive Funds

Balanced hybrid category of mutual funds aims to deliver capital appreciation by investing in equity and debt instruments with almost equal allocation in both the asset class. These funds provide capital gains through the equity instruments while the debt securities are used to reduce the risk factor while generating moderate capital appreciations. Such schemes are suitable for investors who are neither aggressive nor defensive in investments.

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Fund Name Latest NAV (₹) Rating Return (%) Double Money In 1 Lac Grew To (₹)  
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund (G)
Moderate risk | Balanced Hybrid
6.51 10Y 11M 1.34 L Invest
8.15 9Y 10M 1.33 L Invest
SBI Capital Protection Oriented Fund Series A (Plan 4) - Regular Growth
Moderately High risk | Balanced Hybrid
-- - -- Invest

MIP Aggressive Schemes with Best Possible Returns

MIP Aggressive is a sub-category of debt funds which allows the clients to invest a major portion in debt and relatively less proportion in the equities. As MIP aggressive schemes are debt funds, they invest heavily in money market instruments like debentures, corporate and government bonds, government and corporate securities, certificate of deposit, etc. It has 75-80% of its holdings in debt instruments and the remaining in shares and cash. The income a client earns from MIP may vary according to the option chosen by him. It means that the client need not select a monthly return option he/she can instead opt to receive a return on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. Similar to other mutual fund schemes the clients get access to both the return options viz, dividend and growth. It solely depends on the clients behavior that how and what he has to withdraw.

MIP Aggressive Fund’s Features

MIP Aggressive mutual fund plays a very important role in the portfolio management of the clients who are in constant search for avenues which are capable of providing returns and security to the money at the same time.

Here are some important characteristics of MIP aggressive fund:

  • Only profits can fund dividends:- The clients are able to get a regular dividend only when the scheme makes profit and not from the capital that has been employed for the scheme. For example, the NAV of a MIP aggressive scheme at the time of launch was Rs 12 and by the end of a month, its NAV rises to Rs. 12.2. Then the clients will get dividend only from Rs. 0.2 and not from the initial book value of the scheme which is Rs. 12. The reason for this regulation is to have control over the companies from showing fake returns and profits. Thus, the clients get to enjoy the real profit and do not have to suffer a loss for their money.
  • Returns are affected by interest rate and share prices as well:- MIP aggressive scheme is a mixture of equity and debt instruments. So, the returns of this scheme are influenced both by the interest rates of the money market instruments and the share prices of the stocks. The investor gets to have a taste of an average return. However, the influence of the share market is quite low because a relatively less portion is invested in the equity market. Although, MIP Aggressive plans are safe, but still there is an affect of equity fluctuations in the scheme. Apart from being a little prone to the market tantrums, MIP funds have a good investment schedule and they are capable of rendering decent returns to its investors.

Taxation Benefits on MIP Aggressive Plans

MIP Aggressive plans serve the same taxation period as any other mutual fund scheme. It means that the clients who hold their investment for less than a year will come under the category of short-term capital gains and does not receive any taxation profit. But, the clients who keep their investment intact for a period more than one year will have access to the benefits of long-term capital gains. The taxation bracket is 10% with indexation and 20% without indexation. The clients are eligible for either of them according to their income.

MIP Aggressive : A Regular Income Plan

MIP aggressive scheme is a monthly income plan which allows the clients to generate a regular income from their investments during each month. The clients can even go for the quarterly and half-yearly income as well. But, in either of the situations the clients have access to a scheme which will shield their investments and make the clients earn a good return on their investments. MIP Aggressive is one of the best schemes for the risk-averse clients, who want to avail the benefits of mutual funds but in a guarded manner.

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