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FoF-Overseas Funds are the schemes that invests a minimum of 95% of the assets in the overseas funds. Investors who seek such opportunities to invest in such fund and add it to their portfolio may do so. These fund of funds-overseas fund not only provide a chance to the investors to invest abroad but to also enjoy the returns that are generated as a result of such an investment. These schemes are open-ended and therefore provide a chance to buy or sell the units directly from/to the fund house.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
FoF-Overseas 8.71

DSP World Agriculture Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock World Agriculture Fund (G)
FoF-Overseas 7.91

DSP World Mining Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock World Mining Fund (G)
FoF-Overseas 18.63

DSP World Gold Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock World Gold Fund (G)
FoF-Overseas 8.19

FoF-Overseas 4.85

DSP US Flexible Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock US Flexible Equity Fund (G)
FoF-Overseas 13.59

DSP World Energy Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock World Energy Fund (G)
FoF-Overseas 4.51

Kotak US Equity Standard Fund (G) Earlier known as Kotak US Equity Fund - Standard Plan (G)
FoF-Overseas 12.23

FoF-Overseas 13.04

ICICI Prudential Advisor Series-Passive Strategy Fund (G) Earlier known as ICICI Prudential Advisor-Long Term Savings Reg (G)
FoF-Overseas 10.26

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