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Balanced Fund - Offering Income & Growth Altogether

Balanced Mutual Funds is a category of mutual funds that invest in a mix of equity and debt. best Balanced Funds is an ideal investment for the fresh investors as it deploys the capital partly into the high rewarding stocks while partly in the steady instruments such as govt. papers, money market instruments, etc. MySIPonline has the recommendations for best balanced mutual funds to invest online. By investing in equity and debt instruments on a simultaneous basis, the best balanced fund provides regular income and growth in the capital which help the investors in achieving their financial goals with ease. Know more about the balanced funds returns, performance and NAV.

Recommended Funds  
Scheme Name Category Nav Return(%) Rating Analysis Amount Action
Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Hybrid 95 Fund (G) Earlier known as Aditya Birla Sun Life 95 Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 9.7

L&T Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as L&T India Prudence Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 9.64

ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund (G) Earlier known as ICICI Prudential Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 12.77

Reliance Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as Reliance Regular Savings Fund - Balanced Option (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 11.06

Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as Canara Robeco Balance (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 10.38

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as SBI Magnum Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 10.07

DSP Equity & Bond Fund (G) Earlier known as DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 9.88

UTI Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as UTI Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 9.84

Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as Kotak Balance (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 9.02

Aggressive Hybrid 8.65

Franklin India Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as Franklin India Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 8.45

Tata Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as Tata Balanced Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 6.46

HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as HDFC Premier Multi-Cap (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 6.53

Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as Mirae Asset Prudence Fund - Regular Plan - Growth
Aggressive Hybrid 12.64

Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund (G) Earlier known as Sundaram Balanced Fund - Regular Plan (G)
Aggressive Hybrid 11.5

IDBI Hybrid Equity Fund (G) Earlier known as IDBI Prudence Fund (G)
Aggressive Hybrid N/A

Balanced Mutual Funds - Presenting Mix Benefits of Equities & Debts

A Balanced Funds is one of the three major categories of mutual funds in India which has the asset allocation of funds in the mix of equity and debt mutual fund. The best Balanced Mutual Funds are considered to be the safe investments for SIP or lump sum investing plans. With the mix of different instruments, the balanced funds tend to provide the benefits of capital growth and financial stability on a simultaneous basis. With the proper allocation of funds in the schemes of the best balanced mutual fund they offer higher returns to the investors with moderate risk factors. With the diversification of the invested capital in different securities, the top balanced funds provides excellent profits with minimised risk.

What is a Balanced Funds ?

The best balanced fund are geared towards those investors who are looking for a mixture of safety, income stability, and modest capital appreciation on a simultaneous basis. They combine the stock and bond components together to build a portfolio which tends to offer consistent returns to the investors. The schemes of best balanced mutual fund are classified into:

Equity-oriented funds : This top Balanced funds plan includes the funds which have major investments, i.e., around 65% of the total assets in the equity stocks or securities, while the remaining are being put in the debt instruments.

Debt-oriented funds : The plans in best balanced mutual funds category are those who have the majority of the asset allocation in the debt instruments while the remaining is being parked in the equity stocks.

For whom Balanced Fund are most suitable?

"As the exposure of best balanced mutual fund to equities is more than 65%, they get treated at par with equity funds despite having some debt exposure," says Rajalakshmi Rajesh, CFP and Director of Trichy-based Banconus Financial Solutions. Thus, best balanced funds perfromance extends its maximum benefit to those who have moderate expectations from the market. The clients who are not very aggressive in their investment and give priority to the security aspect compromising on the capital gain.

Why invest in Balanced Funds?

There are a lot of advantages of investing in the best Balanced Fund. The key points amongst them are:

  1. Major portion invested in equity: Best Balanced Mutual Funds invests a major portion in the equity hence, providing a good return to its clients. The optimum ratio of a balanced fund hovers around 60:40, implying that 60 percent investment in the equity market and 40 percent in money market instruments. So, with not much compromise on the balanced fund returns provides relatively, high rate of return to its investors.
  2. Security of investment: With a ratio of 40 percent invested in the money market instruments, top balanced funds provides an option of fixed income. Sharing a benefit of security with the risks of equity, balanced fund is quite popular among the clients who are very cautious about the security of their investment. Giving a dual benefit, best balanced mutual fund in India is always on the priority list of clients those who have a fairly moderate income and who intend to invest their money up to an optimum level.
  3. Surety of returns: best Balanced Mutual Fund invest money into bonds, treasury bills, etc. These money market instruments ensure a fixed amount of return to the investors. The return is a little low, but it is definitely higher than keeping your money in the saving bank account. 

Balanced Mutual Funds : Why is It the Best Investment Option?

As we know that Balanced Fund are the most convenient investing programme for the investors who want to gain good earnings on mutual funds, but do not wish to take the risk of stock market fluctuations. By making investments in the equities and debts, they provide the benefits of both the worlds. The equity-oriented balanced mutual fund online schemes offer capital growth in the medium to long run, while the debt-oriented balanced fund aims to generate steady returns. Thus, the investors can gain substantial income on their investments. The reasons for selecting the top balanced funds scheme include the following:

  1. Inflation : In the best balanced fund, the equities provide the benefits of shielding the battle of inflation which if not managed can erode the purchasing power in the later years.
  2. Income Tax : As per the Income Tax provisions in India, the investor is required to pay taxes on the earnings from debt instruments. But in the case of balanced mutual funds where major investments are in equity securities, the investors gain the substantial benefit of tax savings as well, because the income for equities in India is tax-free.
  3. Asset Allocation and Volatility : The equity market faces many swings as things are never certain in the stock exchange market and investors wish to invest in the funds which provide greater benefits. The best balanced mutual funds provides an advantage of asset allocation as per the market conditions. When the market performs poor, the fund manager shifts the asset allotment in the debt instruments, and when the market is expected to raise, funds are parked in the equity stocks. This way, the returns are balanced, and investors don’t face the fluctuations in their earnings.

How to Select the Top Balanced Funds?

When you are thinking to park your money in the best balanced mutual fund scheme, then you must keep some major points in mind while making the right selection.

  • Mode of Investing: You must know which mode of investing is better for you. Whether you want to go with the SIP investment plan, or you wish to buy a one-time lump sum plan. Once you choose the mode of investing, you will have to make the choice and decide which fund has performed the best in its category as per your requirement. 
  • The Goal of Investing: This is of prime importance that you need to associate your investment with an objective. Whether you want to earn capital growth, or you wish to make regular earnings will let you decide which fund is the best suited to you.
  • Tenure of Investing: If you have medium- to long-term investment requirement and wish to gain enough capital for goals like retirement, then the best balanced mutual funds must be considered. You can also calculate the return through SIP calculator.

Through our site you can find the best balanced mutual fund schemes and performance. Our experts will provide you the much needed guidance and will help you to optimize your investment in various schemes of top performing mutual funds. Funds like, Tata Balanced Funds (MD), SBI Magnum Balanced Fund (G), HDFC Prudence Fund , DSP Blackrock Balanced Fund Growth etc. are the chart-buster funds of our site. 

What our clients say...
  • When I started my investment journey, my friend, who is a sound financial advisor, recommended me to start with best balanced fund. With my little knowledge, I agreed on what he said and started SIP in best balanced mutual funds through MySIPonline. Now, with the passage of time, I gained knowledge of investing and understood that hybrid funds are best suitable for the new investors as they provide returns in all weathers. Thanks to my friend.

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