Mar 21, 2017 3 min read

Top 5 Best Equity Mutual Fund to Invest in 2017

Find the best equity investments schemes for your portfolio here to create wealth for your future.
Being the best gives a proud feel, indeed. Don’t you want to be the best in your investments as well? Of course yes, right! If you want to earn riches then you must start your equity investments as soon as possible; as they are the sole source which can create a huge wealth for your future. Here we have provided a list of best-performing equity mutual funds in India. Our experts have made in-depth market research to list out these recommendations for the investors. Have a look at them!

1. L&T Emerging Business Fund :- Being a small- and mid-cap fund, this scheme aims to provide long-term capital appreciation from a well-diversified portfolio of equity and equity-linked securities of emerging companies. It may further make investment in the foreign securities as well. With emerging business investments, this scheme aims at developing the capital growth of investors as the small-cap companies have the potential to generate more profits and high growth.

Fund House - L&T Mutual Fund
NAV - Rs.20.313 as on March 16, 2017
AUM - Rs.574 crore as on February 28, 2017
Returns Since Inception - 28.27%

2. Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund :- It is an equity fund falling in the small- and mid-cap category which aims to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation with investments predominantly made in the equity and equity-related securities by following the value investing strategy. With this, their primary objective is ensuring high growth which has been proved until now as per its past records.

Fund House - Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
NAV - Rs.50.485 as on March 16, 2017
AUM - Rs. 887 crore as on February 28, 2017
Returns Since Inception - 19.77%
Three-Years Returns - 35.60%
CRISIL Rank - Third

3. Kotak Emerging Equity Fund :- It is a small- & mid-cap equity mutual fund which aims to provide high worth in capital by investing the money in the small-and mid-cap companies of high value. Keeping the portfolio well-diversified, it aims at mitigating the risk factors to ensure high returns.

Fund House - Kotak Mutual Fund
NAV - Rs.33.897 as on March 16, 2017
AUM - Rs.1,422 crore as on February 28, 2017
Returns Since Inception - 13.03%
Three-Years Returns - 36.6%
CRISIL Rank - Second

4. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Fund :- Being a large-cap equity fund, the icici prudential focused bluechip equity fund scheme aims at generating long-term capital growth and income opportunities for the investors from a portfolio which has investments in equity securities of around twenty large-cap companies. The remaining assets are parked in the debt instruments to ensure regular income and financial stability.

Fund House - ICICI Mutual Fund
NAV - Rs.34.270 as on March 16, 2017
AUM - Rs.12,536 crore as on February 28, 2017
Returns Since Inception - 14.99%
Three-Years Returns - 17.90%
CRISIL Rank - Second

5. Reliance Focused Large Cap Fund :- This is a large-cap equity scheme with the primary objective of building wealth for the investors by investing the capital in the equity securities of top-100 companies as per market capitalisation. Moreover, its secondary aim is developing consistent returns for which it has made investments in the debt and money market instruments.

Fund House - Reliance Mutual Fund
NAV - Rs.26.798 as on March 16, 2017
AUM - Rs.1,090 crore as on February 28, 2017
Returns Since Inception - 9.40%
Three-Years Returns - 16.70%
CRISIL Rank - Third

Our fund experts have recommended these schemes after evaluating their objectives and portfolios. They believe that the investors seeking wealth building through equity investments have a longer tenure, and as these schemes offer high profits, in the long run, they have suggested the same to the investors.

If you further need assistance or recommendation as per your specific requirement, then you must consult our financial advisor free of cost and start your investment online. MySIPonline and its entire team are ready to cater to your investing needs always.