Oct 13, 2016 2 min read

SENSEX & NIFTY Fall Down: Right Time to Make an SIP

Investors need to pay attention now, as this is the right time for making an investment in mutual funds as Sensex and Nifty have slumped over 1.50 percent on Thursday. Maximise the worth of your portfolio by taking a right decision at the right time.
The Sensex and Nifty have slumped over 1.50 percent on Thursday October 13, 2016. As per the latest news, “The 30-share index closed 439.23 points down at 27,643.11, while the 50-share index shed 135.35 points at 8,573.35.” So, all the investors need to pay attention now, as this is the right time for making a productive investment in mutual fund SIPs.

There are various determinants to consider while purchasing a mutual fund programme, but among them, one of the most important parameters is ‘When’? A rise in the market leads to rising prices of the stock, and thus the investors gain good wealth over the time. While at the time of downfall, the investors curtail their spendings and try to save money as they do not find an increase in their investment values. This is about the existing investors, but what about those who want to make a fresh investment? Get the answer right away!

One of the most important factors while making an investment is the relevant cost. It is quite essential for oneself to evaluate the overall cost of investing in the mutual funds. Although SIP investment plans offer the best solution for the same via rupee-cost averaging, but if we can fetch more of it, then why not!

It has been analysed by various experts and has been proved as well that the right time for making a wise SIP is when the market drops down. The reason being is the fall in the stock prices due to which the investors avail more units at the same price, and their cost of investment is minimised. With the reduced cost, the profits get increased for the investors, and they fetch comparatively higher returns. In addition, the SIPs are the best option at this time because one can avail the benefits of averaging cost and compounding returns.

So now, you must have understood why you need to make the investment in the mutual funds at present. With the fall of 439 points, Sensex has opened a great opportunity for the investors to gain maximum benefits. The prices of the stocks of various entities have fallen which is more than just an opportunity to take the maximum benefit by investing in them. If you have the objective of making a long-term investment and want to fetch rupee-cost averaging benefit from SIP, then do not let this golden chance go; else you would regret later.

Mutual fund schemes shall help you gain the best advantage of market fluctuations via SIP, so you must not wait anymore and invest your money now. With the reduced cost, you can buy more number of units at the same price which shall help you attain higher returns at a later date.

MySIPonline is all set to help the investors in the best possible manner. You must make your SIP investment with this market fall, as if you do not make it now, you would definitely miss out something very productive. Get associated with us and maximise your portfolio’s worth by taking a right decision at the right time.