May 16, 2017 3 min read

Ransomware Attack! No Threat to MySIPonline

Know how Ransomware has no effect on the MySIPonline users.
Are you afraid of the ransomware attack? Do you have a fear that your investments are prone to the ill-effects of the ransomware? If you are a MySIPonline investor or planning to invest with us, then you don’t need to worry about any of such facts. Whatever be the scenario, and however the online transactions are getting affected by the recently-held ransomware attack by the hackers, you are completely secure.

The recent cyber attack which has hit over 150 countries in the world is the biggest concern in the market these days. Everyone wants to get assured that their systems and their online accounts are safe enough from such attack which is preventing the access of the systems by the administrator and asking for a ransom amount of $300. Being the online investors, you must be having the same concern, but you don’t need to worry as we have the secure system for you.

How is Online Investing Secure at MySIPonline?

MySIPonline, which is a venture by Cognus Technology, an IT company having dedicated team of IT engineers and developers, has developed a secure website for the investors to make online transactions in mutual funds. With the following features and advancements used in the development of the website, we assure that your investment accounts can never get affected by the cyber attacks.

    1. Electronic & Physical Security to Data & Web Services:- To prevent the electronic data available with us, we have password security system which protects any third-party access to the information along with the virus-detection programs on the servers. For the physical security of the data, we have security panel which is under surveillance. We provide high-security protection for the hardware, software, networks, and data to prevent attacks from the hackers.
    2. Bank Level Security:- The payments made while purchasing the mutual funds at MySIPonline passes through the payment gateway of the respective AMCs, and the amount is directly transferred to the banks of such AMCs. The payment gateway passes through the bank’s channel providing a high level of security.
    3. SQL Injection:- In order to prevent the SQL injection attack where the attacker uses a web form field or URL parameter to gain access to or manipulate the database, we have used the parameterised queries which prevent the modification in the data by any third party.
    4. Server Side Validation/Form Validation:- There is a possibility that the attackers may use coding to affect the data available on the servers which may lead to a malicious effect on the security of clients’ information. For that, we use “Server Side Validation” which puts a check on deeper validation of data to ensure reliability before storing the information on the database.
    5. Prevention from Irrelevant File Uploads:- Uploading files on the website are the biggest threat to data security which may cause hackers quickly access the data or information running on the system. Our system does not allow uploading of any unnecessary or untrusted files and always checks the file extensions before uploading. With this, we ensure that the files or documents uploaded are duly checked to prevent the sudden run of executable (.exe) files.
    6. HTTPS Protocol:- The HTTPS protocol provides security over the internet. We use this protocol to ensure security of the data transmitted between the user and the server. If you are providing any information on the website, it is entirely secure as it is directly sent to the server preventing data security from external attacks while transmission.
    7. 256 Bit Encryption Security:- We have used the 256-bit data encryption technique to provide high security to the data which is being shared between the user and the server. Whatever information is being provided by the clients on the website is transmitted in encrypted form to the server so that no third-party can get access to the same.

“At MySIPonline, we aim at delivering satisfaction to the clients, and for that, we have been following various preventive norms to provide security first.”

We always endeavour to produce the solutions that tend to help the investors in making better secure transactions to earn riches for their future. Whether it be Ransomware or any other cyber attack, we intend to prevent your transactions in every possible manner. So just don’t worry, your investments with MySIPonline are totally secure.