Feb 14, 2017 3 min read

Gift Lifetime Financial Security to Your Valentine with SIP

Make your Valentine’s Day the most memorable one this year. Buy a SIP for your loved one to gift his/her a secure future. Read this blog to know more!
Love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day! The day which is being awaited by everyone across the world. The time when we show our unconditional love to the person who means a lot to us; who can be anyone either our mother, or our father, or our soulmate. You too might be planning to celebrate this beautiful day with your loved one. What shall you gift him/her? Make a plan right here!

Since the people we love are precious to us and we always want to gift them something that they would keep with them forever or remember it always. You too might have planned to gift some roses, a five-star dinner date, a precious diamond ring, or a trip to the beautiful place to make them feel more special. But what if you gift something promising to them? Yes, a promising financial future is what we are talking about! Financial stability is something which is a must for everyone to live comfortably and with happiness, and we suggest you to gift your Valentine a secure financial life with best sip plans in India (Systematic Investment Plan).

Everyone knows the benefits of investing money in mutual funds, and SIP gives the right way of doing so. By buying a SIP for your special one this Valentine’s Day will not only make your day memorable, but your Valentine would enjoy its benefits for the rest of his/her life. With this, they will not only fulfil their financial needs but will surely accomplish their dreams.

Systematic Investment Plan is the easiest way of investing your money in the mutual fund plans. It allows you to invest a small amount of money in mutual funds at a regular interval. You can initiate your investments with just Rs.500 per month and let your money grow higher into wealth and confirm financial stability of your Valentine in the future. There are several benefits of investing through SIP and the most important ones are:

1. The Power of Compounding

According to this, you will earn the benefits of yielding ‘interest on interest’. The investments made in SIP offer returns at a compound rate, which help in accumulating a huge wealth for the future. With this, your special one will be able to generate tremendous profits in the long run and attain a great amount of capital to fulfil his/her financial needs to accomplish the dreams.

2. Rupee-Cost Averaging

SIP investments are made on a regular basis which helps in reducing the overall cost. The date of investing is prefixed for every month or quarter and as per the market indices variable units are allotted every time. This results in averaging the overall cost of investments in the mutual funds.

These were the major benefits that you can avail by investing in SIP mutual funds. Financial security is the best gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day and SIP shows the right path.

How to Invest?

Well, you don’t need to wander in search of the platform where you can buy a SIP for your Valentine. We provide you with the most convenient and simplest way of investing online. Yes, you can buy an SIP for your loved one at MySIPonline in a completely hassle-free manner. Our fund analysts will help you in buying the right scheme for the secure financial future of your Valentine as per your risk appetite.

Make this Valentine’s Day a promising one for your special one with SIP. Don’t think anymore and buy this special gift now!