Aug 29, 2016 3 min read

Best Sector Funds to Invest in 2016

If you have the zeal to earn the maximum possible returns from you mutual fund investment, then you can opt for the sectors funds to add worth to your portfolio. Here we are providing you with the SECTOR FUNDS to invest in 2016.
There is a saying by Charles Ellis that goes, “There are three kinds of investment risk. Two can be virtually eliminated. The third, market risk, must be managed.” And, mutual fund programme provides the best solution to manage the same. If you too desire to make a well-planned investment, then you must opt for the ‘Sector Funds’ to make a worthwhile portfolio.

As we all are aware of the various asset types in the mutual fund programme, viz., equity, debt and hybrid. Sector fund is the sub-category of equity funds which invests in the equity-related securities of the companies falling under some particular industry or sector. To make you well aware of the best scheme for investment in 2016, here we are mentioning the list of top-performing sector funds:

  1. Reliance Pharma Fund (G)It is a scheme designed by the Reliance Mutual Fund with an aim to generate consistent returns by investing in the stocks of such corporates that fall under the Pharma and other associated industries. It is an open-ended scheme which provides growth-oriented investment strategy, and thus helps to create wealth in the future. With an asset size of Rs.1292.64 crores as on 30th June 2016, it has made investments majorly in the equities. In addition, some of the funds are allocated into money market instruments as well to offer diversification and regular income. Its returns generated since inception are appreciable, and thus it is among the most preferable schemes in its category.
  2. UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund (G)This scheme is designed by UTI Mutual Fund to provide capital appreciation through investments in stocks of the companies falling under transportation and logistics sector. It has generated high-yielding returns which are around 48.90% and 30.30% in case of 3 and 5 years investment tenure. It is an open-ended scheme which offers growth prospects to the investors and thus helps in creating a fortune. Furthermore, the asset allocation graph shows a well-diversified investment portfolio of this scheme which also helps in minimising the associated risks. Thus, this plan is among the best ones in its category.
  3. ICICI Prudential Banking & Finance Services Fund (G) - It is a product of the renowned mutual fund house, ICICI MF, which has the main objective of generating capital appreciation for the unit holders; by making investments in the equity-related securities of companies indulged in banking and financial services. It is an open-ended scheme and thus provides flexibility to the investors. It helps them to achieve their financial goals by providing high returns. Its annualised returns data depicts the yields generated by the scheme to be much higher than the set benchmarks.
  4. DSP BlackRock India T.I.G.E.R Fund (G)This plan is the most prominent investment strategy for investing in the infrastructure sector. It aims to generate capital appreciation for the investors and provide growth to the economy as a whole. The majority of the funds under this plan are allotted into equities and equity-related instruments and thus provide worth to one’s investment. It is ranked 3rd under the Thematic-Infrastructure category by CRISIL for quarter ended June 2016. Furthermore, the returns offered by this plan as depicted by the annualised return’s graph, have been higher than the set benchmarks proving its market possession. It has a well-diversified portfolio which promises to cater the desired needs.

Accordingly, you have the option to choose the best strategy for your portfolio in order to create wealth in the future resulting in the building of a fortune. As we know that, the best things always assure the desired results and hence, these schemes which are the best ones in their respective industries would lead you to a better investment and furthermore, a better future.

If you are desirous of attaining the set financial goals and want to put your monies in the best mutual fund schemes, then you can get facilitated by taking our solutions and services at to take the best decision for your future.