Mar 01, 2017 3 min read

2 Best Wealth Building SIP Plans from HDFC Mutual Funds

This blog is for those who are looking to invest in the SIP wealth building plans from HDFC Mutual Funds for their portfolio.
Do you have a dream to make a crore in just a few years? Have you started planning for the same? If not, then you might lose the best opportunity. Building wealth is a dream for almost all of us, and we are often told to start early to achieve the same. There is a saying that goes, “Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint. Discipline is the key ingredient.” This simply means that one need not be in a rush or hurry to achieve the set goal of building a corpus, rather one must make a smart move in a disciplined manner so as to achieve the same.

Systematic Investment Plan is the most effective way of investing in mutual fund plans through which an investor can gain substantial growth of capital on his/her investment. Among the various fund houses, HDFC Mutual Funds is one of the best performing AMCs which can help you in gaining a huge wealth for your future. Here are the best wealth-building online HDFC mutual fund schemes which are aimed at appreciating the capital worth of the investors.

1. HDFC Top 200 Fund

This is a growth-oriented and large-cap mutual fund plan which is aimed at generating long-term capital appreciation from a portfolio consisting of equity and equity-related instruments primarily drawn from the companies falling in the BSE 200 index. The scheme being open-ended in nature provides the feasibility of redeeming the funds anytime. The scheme is return-oriented and has been offering tremendous profits since its inception, i.e., 20.76% until now. The absolute annual returns of the scheme in the year 2016 were 7.8%, which reached up to 46.5% in the year 2014.

The three- and five-year investment returns on this scheme are 19.30% and 14.4% respectively. It is ranked ‘Third’ in its category by CRISIL for the quarter which ended in December 2016. Moreover, the portfolio concentration of the scheme depicts an enlightened position in the market with a major allocation of funds in the equity stocks of companies under the financial, energy, technology, diversified, automobiles and metals industries. Accordingly, the scheme endeavours to gain substantial profits over time and will help in generating a huge wealth.

2. HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund

The scheme is a very good performer in the ‘Small- & Mid-Cap’ category and is ranked ‘Second’ by CRISIL for the quarter which ended in December 2016. It is an open-ended and growth-oriented plan which has the primary objective of generating capital growth with a portfolio consisting of equity and equity-related securities of small- and mid-cap companies. It has offered an average rate of 17.37% returns since its inception, and has been supportive for many investors in gaining tremendous income. The annual absolute returns of the scheme for the year 2016 were 106%, and they have reached 76.0% in the year 2014.

The annual returns for three- and five-year investment of this scheme are 31.10% and 24.70% respectively. The scheme is highly productive in the long run with an effectively designed portfolio. It has an allocation of funds in the financial, engineering, FMCG, healthcare, automobile, chemicals and many more. These all are among the best-performing sectors which have the potential to generate heavy returns. Being small-cap fund, this scheme offers great opportunities for growth to the investors.

So now when you have come to know about the two best SIP wealth building plans for your portfolio from HDFC Mutual Funds, we have further provided information about the funds which would suit your requirement.


The foremost thing which you must keep in mind is that, both these funds are suggested by our fund analysts for the long-term investors. Thus, it is quite obvious that a goal like wealth building cannot be accomplished in a short duration and investors having long-term investment tenure should consider these plans for their portfolio.

On the flip side, one of the both funds is a large-cap fund while the other is a small- and mid-cap. As we know that large-cap stocks are less volatile, the investors having low or moderate risk appetite must invest in the HDFC Top 200 Fund. Moreover, the mid-cap funds are highly volatile but have the potential to grow a huge wealth in the long run. Thus, the investors who have aggressive or high-risk profile, must park their money in the HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund.

So now we believe that you are able to understand which fund is the best one for your portfolio to build a huge wealth for your future. If you further need assistance, MySIPonline and its team are ready to serve you anytime.