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“Account statement” is the proof for investments in L&T Mutual Fund which is issued every month to every investor. It contains every detail of transactions for a particular folio.
The answer depends on your choice. If you have a thorough knowledge of the financial market along with surplus of cash, then you can consider Lumpsum mode of investment. Else, if you want to maintain a disciplined approach of investing then SIP is your thing to do.
In case the scheme or AMC winds up, unitholders receive a sum based on prevailing NAV. Such conditions occur rarely.
This AMC offers a range of schemes for investors by investing in equity, debt, and a mix of both the instruments based on their investment objective, risk appetite, and time horizon. You can choose the scheme provided here by analyzing all the other important aspects.
To invest through MySIPonline in a scheme, an investor is required to invest at least Rs 500 through SIP and Rs 5000 though lump sum mode of investment. So, depending on your needs and future goals, you can invest accordingly in any scheme under Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.
You are not required to pay any charge for the services you are utilising at MySIPonline by investing in Aditya Birla Mutual Fund other than the investment amount.
Depending on the market conditions and scheme type, both the modes are beneficial to create capital appreciation over a long-term horizon and fulfill short to long-term goals as well. However, when you invest through SIP, you are not required to worry about market volatility and timing.
To choose the best ABSL scheme for your portfolio, you have to analyze the performance, risk measure, portfolio allocation, fund manager’s experience, investment objective and style to match with your aim. However, you can get the best performing ABSL mutual funds at MySIPonline as well.
The fund house aims to become a leader in the industry and retain the position by delivering integrated financial services to investors. To follow the vision, the company works on the four pillars which are to be a role model, leader, integrated player, and broad-based player.
The current AUM of the AMC is Rs 2,42,343.90 crore as on 31st Dec 2018. With a strong vision and firm values, the fund house is continuously working to fulfill the investment needs of the investors and generate adequate returns in return of the trust they have shown by investing.
ABSL Mutual Fund is focused to work in the direction to create maximum investment options for investors for all their investment requirements and provide the maximum returns for the chosen scheme by the investor.
The AMC provides Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Fund to investors who want to get tax saving benefits and long-term capital appreciation by investing in an ELSS scheme.
It has more than 160 branches across India to reach the maximum investors. The experience of more than 31 years in the mutual fund industry has helped the fund house to remain rooted with grounds to meet the requirement of investors.
SBI Mutual Fund offers a range of products in equity, debt, and hybrid category which invest in equity, debt and a mix of both instruments, respectively, to match with the investment objective, risk-appetite, and time horizon of the investors.
Yes, investing in SBI Mutual Fund through SIP is safe. With the help of SIP, you can start investing as soon as possible no matter whether you have sufficient corpus or not. Apart from this, investing through SIP also helps in sustaining different market conditions without worrying about timing the market.
Depending on your investment objective, you can choose the best SBI mutual funds suggested by our experts. The recommendations vary depending upon the market conditions and the client's requirements.
First of all, you have to register through MySIPonline and complete the profile. After KYC verification, you can start investing in any SBI scheme offered based on your investment objective, risk-appetite, time horizon, and expected returns. You can also take help of experts in suggesting the relevant scheme for your portfolio.
You can check all the information regarding any scheme provided by SBI Mutual Fund at MySIPonline by searching and clicking on the scheme's name. Investing in the chosen scheme through SIP is a good option to sustain the market volatility irrespective of the current market conditions. Based on the four factors that are returns, risk, investment objective, and investment strategy, you can choose and start investing in any mutual fund scheme provided by the AMC. You can even take help from our experts to select the best SBI mutual fund for yourself.
The AMC was established on 23rd July 1998 with an aim to deliver investment expertise in an effective way to accomplish the investment needs of investors. The current AUM of Rs 139426.71 crore (as on 31st Dec 2018) suggests that the company has made its remark in investors' mind and they trust the fund house to deliver consistent returns.
Determined to serve investors with the best investment solutions, this AMC provides a range of investment products to match with their investment objective. Based on your risk-appetite and other prominent factors, you can choose different schemes provided under equity, debt, and hybrid category funds. The segregation under the category to subcategory to schemes makes investors confident to get what they are searching for.
Apart from the ELSS scheme, i.e., Kotak Tax Saver Fund, which is for investors to get tax saving benefits and capital appreciation, there is no scheme with a lock-in period. The ELSS scheme has a lock-in of 3-years as mentioned in SEBI mandates.
To analyze the performance of any scheme provided by this AMC, you are required to check the returns of the particular scheme at MySIPonline at all durations. You can also check the performance of the SIPs by simply putting in the value in the relevant bracket and get the graph.
Kotak Mutual Fund offers various schemes which invest in equity and debt instruments depending on the investment objective. Each mutual fund scheme is managed by a competent fund manager who takes investment decision on a particular sector or stocks. As the business, company, and value of credit paper matures, the scheme gets a share of the profit and this profit is divided among investors based on mutual fund units they are holding. As investors keep on investing, the returns generated on a particular scheme is added on a continuous basis. Overall, compounding help the schemes to generate suitable returns to the investors over a time horizon.
Yes, when you invest in liquid funds, you can utilise the advantage to get comparatively higher returns than bank savings deposit and redeem any time as the emergency arrives. Kotak Liquid Regular Plan is available at MySIPonline to fulfil your very short-term investment needs or plan for emergency requirements.
The AMC ensures safety, transparency, low cost, and higher return potential. By investing in any scheme offered by the fund house over a time horizon as mentioned in the investment objective, the investors will surely get adequate returns by investing. So, it depends on your investment decision as well to choose the scheme wisely.
To analyse any mutual fund scheme of Kotak MF, you should check performance, risk & return ratio, expense ratio, fund manager’s experience, and asset allocation in the portfolio.
It is not necessary that you should take the help of a financial adviser if you understand the important parameters of investing. But, for new investors, it is important to take consultation from the experts as they will help in sorting out the relevant schemes. Further, if you are confused among schemes or unable to review your portfolio, you are in a need of adviser.
No, all SIPs in Kotak MF are not tax-free. To get tax-saving benefits, you have to choose the ELSS scheme. Taxation in funds of this AMC is done as per the rules set by the Government.
Yes. After 11th January 2011, KYC is mandatory to open an account to invest in Reliance Mutual Funds.
The minimum amount required to invest in any scheme of Reliance is Rs 500 with an addition in multiples of Rs 1 for a minimum of 12 months.
No. If the end date of the SIP is not mentioned, then the SIP will be perpetual.
SIP can be altered by submitting a written form mentioning the change in amount, date, or any other update.
Reliance Mutual Fund provides Any Time Money card which can be used to withdraw the redeemable units from the supported schemes.
Yes. Individual investors can register up to a maximum of 5 bank accounts. Withdrawal and redemption can be done using any of the registered bank accounts.
Available dates for SIP in Reliance Mutual Fund are 2, 7, 10, 18, 23, and 28 of every month.
The dividend amount offered by dividend mutual funds can either be directly credited to the registered bank account or through RTGS/NEFT. The amount will be credited within 10 business days of dividend declaration.
Investors in the category of “individuals” can assign a nominee to which the mutual fund holdings can be transferred after the death of investor. A maximum of 3 nominees can be assigned to a mandate in ICICI Prudential MF.
Yes. Investors need to submit a written request with the names of the switch in and switch out schemes. Switching cannot be done to a different AMC.
No. Even if you have redeemed all the units, your account will not be closed and is available to make a fresh purchase.
Any date of the month can be chosen as the SIP debit date. In case the debit date falls on a non-business day, the SIP will be debited on the next business day.
Yes. SIP can be paused for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months by filling in the SIP pause form.
You can check the objective of the L&T mutual fund schemes and various other information online to select the best ones that suit you. You can also take assistance from the financial experts at MySIPonline.
Yes. You can track your l&t investments anytime from anywhere on any device online and take required decisions through the dashboard facility at MySIPonline.
You can calculate the future value of your L&T SIP investment for a known tenure and expected rate of return through SIP calculator at MySIPonline.
Expense ratio cannot be increased or decreased further than the maximum and minimum limit respectively. The limit is mentioned in the scheme related document. The expense ratio of a fund along with investment limit in any market cap and other functioning are regulated by SEBI.
Invesco Mutual Fund was incorporated in 2005 and has a great reputation in the mutual fund industry due to some of the best performing schemes. It has allowed thousands of investors to achieve their financial objectives and aims to strengthen the financial stability of every Indian through quality schemes in various categories.
Expense ratio cannot be increased or decreased further than the maximum and minimum limit respectively. The limit is mentioned in the scheme related document. The expense ratio of a fund along with investment limit in any market cap and other functioning are regulated by SEBI.
IDFC is a prominent Asset Management Company (AMC) in India which was launched in 2000 and has a large number of investor base with significant AUM. It has allowed thousands of investors to achieve their investment objective and is a trustworthy mutual fund house in India.
Sundaram Mutual Fund has 22 years of experience and has navigated through different market conditions. Many of the schemes provided by the AMC are innovative and among the best in the category. Sundaram MF is a good and trustworthy AMC as it has fulfiled the financial goals of thousands of investors.
Investors can invest online through our website after completing the profile and KYC. Apart from the experts suggestions regarding investment, several other benefits are also available to the investors.
You can start in any SBI scheme through SIP irrespective of the market conditions. So, investing through SIP enables you to purchase more units when the market is down and lesser units when the market is up to generate risk-adjusted returns over a time horizon. Apart from this, there is no particular definition defining the right time to invest, so if you have a significant corpus, you can start investing for a long-term to get stable returns.
Investment in any scheme of UTI Mutual Fund can be started after completing the profile at MySIPonline by entering the basic details of the investor. New investors also need to complete the KYC to start investing.
The SIP amount can be increased whenever the investor wants by filling the ‘increase SIP’ form. The SIP amount cannot be decreased directly, to decrease the amount, investors can stop the SIP and start a new one with a lesser amount.
The available dates for SIP in UTI Mutual Funds are 1st, 7th, 15th, and 25th day of every month.
Apart from the tax saving UTI scheme and solution-oriented scheme, there is no lock-in period on the investments. However, the AMC charges different exit load for different schemes for withdrawals done within 1 year of investment.
Apart from the tax saving schemes, no other schemes offered by Sundaram Mutual Fund have a lock-in period.
A nominee can be added or removed anytime by the investor. A form needs to be submitted along with the details of the nominee.
Investment in schemes of Tata Mutual Fund can be started by completing the profile at MySIPonline which requires basic details and also bank details of the investor. KYC must be completed before starting an investment.
The SIP in Tata Mutual Fund can be started, stopped or updated anytime by making a request for the same.
The redemption of the redeemable units can be done online through the dashboard facility available at MySIPonline.
Yes. Investment in India cannot be done without completing the KYC through the PAN number.
The available dates for SIP in Tata Mutual Fund are 1st, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of every month.
No. The units cannot be transferred from one owner to another under any condition except in case of the death of the investor. The units are transferred to the pre-assigned nominee in such case.
There is no limit on the maximum amount that can be invested in Tata Mutual Fund, however, the minimum amount for SIP investment is Rs 500 and for initial investment and lumpsum, it is Rs 5000. Tata India Tax Savings Fund allows minimum lumpsum of Rs. 500, and SIP of Rs. 150.
The investments in Tata Mutual Fund can be tracked online anytime from anywhere through any device and the required decisions can be taken through the dashboard facility available at MySIPonline.
Investment in any scheme of HDFC MF can be started by registering & completing the profile at MySIPonline after verifying the KYC details.
The frequency of STP can be weekly (transferred on every Wednesday), fortnightly (alternate Wednesday) or monthly (1st, 7th, 10th, 15th and 25th day of the month).
The consolidated account statement is proof of investment in mutual funds. This statement is provided by the Axis Mutual Funds and consolidates all the financial transactions in all folios of the investor.
Once the KYC is completed, the SIP investments can be started, stopped, or increased anytime by the investors.
Switching facility is available for all schemes of HDFC in which the investments in one scheme can be transferred to another scheme of HDFC Mutual Fund.
With the facility of STP, the units purchased of one mutual fund can be periodically transferred at regular intervals. The amount, schemes, and periodicity can be chosen by the investor.
The consolidated account statement is dispatched on or before the 10th day of every month through registered email ID.
The available dates for SIP in any scheme of Axis Mutual Fund are the 1st, 7th, 10th, 15th and 25th of every month.
The risk associated in a mutual fund can be analysed through the parameters like standard deviation and beta. Lower standard deviation means less volatility in the NAV.
To get any kind of assistance regarding investment in regular plans of mutual funds, investors can connect with the experts at MySIPonline.
HDFC MF is the most prominent AMC with significant experience and a superior track record. The top-performing mutual funds of HDFC have allowed the AMC to become largest in India in terms of AUM.
The investments made in the schemes of HDFC Mutual Funds can be tracked online from any device through the dashboard facility at MySIPonline.
ICICI Prudential Mutual fund will not charge any penalty if SIP is missed due to insufficient funds. However, the bank from which it has to be debited can charge between Rs 150 to Rs 750. If you skip the SIP for more than 3 months, the account will be closed by the AMC.
The new investors can start investing in ICICI Prudential AMC with a minimum subscription amount of Rs 5000 (plus multiples of Rs 1) for all schemes and the minimum amount for SIP and additional investment is Rs 500 (plus multiples of Rs 1).
Yes. KYC through PAN is essential to start investing in mutual funds. Investors can either complete the KYC offline or through online video KYC facility at MySIPonline.
The maximum limit set by the SEBI for expense ratio changes according to the AUM of the fund. The maximum allowed expense ratio is 2.5% for a fund with AUM of Rs 100 crore, 2.25% for the next Rs 300 crore, 2% for the next Rs 300 crore and 1.75 for the rest. However, schemes of Sundaram Mutual Fund charges a much lower expense ratio than the maximum limit.
NAV of a mutual fund is declared on every working day, at or before 9 PM.
SBI Mutual Fund offers a range of products in equity, debt, and hybrid category which invest in equity, debt and a mix of both instruments, respectively, to match with the investment objective, risk-appetite and time horizon of investors.
No. The investment must be done from a registered bank account and the redemption amount is also transferred to the same account. At MySIPonline, transactions cannot be done with cash.
It has more than 160 branches across India to reach the maximum investors. The experience of more than 31 years in mutual fund industry has helped the fund house to remain rooted with grounds to meet the requirement of investors.
Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund has a total of 60 schemes across all the categories of mutual funds like debt, equities, hybrid, etc.
For taking SIP through MySIPonline, you will be required to submit the following documents- 1. Aadhaar Card 2. PAN Card 3. Photo of the applicant. 4. Signature of the applicant. Moreover, the choice between physical KYC or Video KYC will solely depends on you.
You can see the detailed information about any scheme on MySIPonline. Past performance, risk-adjusted returns, along with the current NAVs are mentioned on our website. But before that, know your risk appetite, investment horizon, and future goal beforehand.
No. Mutual funds in India do not allow more than one account holders of a single account. However, a nominee can be appointed for any folio.
If the investor dies during the investment period of the mutual fund, the units are transferred to the nominee after certain documentation.
The minimum amount of SIP depends from one mutual fund to another. But, most of the schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund requires minimum SIP investment of Rs. 500- Rs. 1,000.
Yes, you can redeem investments from most of the schemes of Franklin India Mutual Fund anytime. But, if you redeem the investment before a particular amount of time then you will have to pay the exit load, which is different for different schemes. However, there are some schemes which do not charge any exit load, such as Franklin India Liquid Fund, & Franklin India Ultra Short Term Fund. Moreover, in case of ELSS schemes there is a lock-in period of 3 years which means that you can redeem your investment only after 3 years. Furthermore, in case of pension fund, you can only redeem your amount after attaining the age of 58 years. To know about the exit load, read the offer document carefully before investing.
The fund also gives an opportunity to the investors having low risk appetite to enter the mutual fund space. One of the top performing debt hybrid mutual fund is Franklin Hybrid Debt Equity Fund (G).
The primary objective behind constructing a diversified portfolio is to minimize the risk and capitalize the returns. Thus, you should try to include a combination of debt, equity, and hybrid schemes in your portfolio.
Yes! The fund also provides an opportunity to the investors to park their money in the international funds for constructing a diversified portfolio. Franklin India Feeder- Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund (G) and Franklin Asian Equity Fund (G) are the two top performing international funds from the fund house.
To get the latest updates regarding Franklin Mutual Funds, you can visit our blog section timely and give a read to our weekly published MF Research Report. The report covers all the latest updates regarding the financial market.
Every change that takes place in the AMC is notified to every unitholder via mail.
Yes. Every unit holder can switch the holdings from one fund to another that belongs to the same AMC fully or partially by filling in the switching form. Switching cannot be done from one AMC to another.
As per the quarter ending March 2019, Invesco Mutual Fund has an AUM of more than Rs 24,000 crore.
Invesco Mutual Fund has provided top performing schemes in various categories and owns a total of 148 schemes with a different objective and investment strategy.
SIP in Invesco Mutual Fund can be done on the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th date of every month.
Canara Robeco Mutual Fund is a top performing mutual fund asset management company which has provided the best schemes in various categories. It is one of the oldest fund houses in India and is a reliable AMC.
As per the quarter ending March 2019, Canara Mutual Fund has an AUM of more than Rs 13,000 crore.
Investments in the best schemes of Canara Robeco Mutual Fund can be started anytime after completing the KYC process from the official website and app of MySIPonline.
SIP can be started or stopped from the dashboard facility available at MySIPonline after completing the profile and KYC.
As of the quarter ending March 2019, the AUM of IDFC Mutual Fund is Rs 69,351.96 crore which is increasing at a good pace.
IDFC Mutual Fund has launched various schemes in every category to allow every kind of investors to achieve their financial objectives. As of 31 March 2019, it has a total of 368 mutual funds under operation.
The available dates for SIP in all the schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund are 1st, 7th, 10th,14th, 15th, 21st, 25th, and 28th date of every month.
Switching can be done anytime from one scheme to another scheme of IDFC MF but investments cannot be switched to a scheme of different AMC. It can be done either as a whole or periodically through the STP option.
The minimum amount for SIP in the schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund is Rs 500 and the minimum amount for lump sum investment is Rs 1000.
Potential investors can check for the stability, consistency, risk to reward ratio, fund manager’s strategy and other aspects to select a better scheme. Investors with lack of knowledge or those who do not have time can take the assistance of financial experts at MySIPonline.
Each scheme of IDFC charges a different expense ratio for handling the investments which can be checked before investing. An exit load is also charged while redemption if the investments are withdrawal at early stages. The tenure to charge exit load is different for every scheme.
All the information regarding investment objective, SIP amount, past record, portfolio construction, fund manager, and others are available at this portal to help the investors in access all the information from one place and start investing quickly.
No, all the services are free at this portal. All you need to do is to provide with the required information to the relationship manager so that he/she can analyse various factors for your portfolio and could suggest the best-suited SBI Mutual Funds to get stable returns over a short to long-term horizon.
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