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Online Transactions

A mutual fund is an investment method which pools the savings of the clients and converts them into investment. The money is collected from clients having homogeneous investment requirements and is deployed in avenues such as equity, bonds, securities, certificate of deposit, commercial papers, etc. The money thus accumulated is managed by the fund managers appointed by the companies for providing maximum capital appreciation to the clients for their invested amount. A separate portfolio is maintained for each client to show his/her holdings. To conclude, we can say that a mutual fund is medium for earning copious returns through a secured network.

Lumpsum is an investment methodology in mutual funds which allows the clients to relish the opportunity of one-time investment in any of the schemes operating under mutual funds. This facility is fruitful for the clients who don’t want to invest penny by penny and also don’t have a steady schedule for their investment process. Lumpsum amount has to be paid once during the entire spell of time for the scheme opted.

The dilemma faced by each and every investor is to choose from the plethora of investment opportunities available in the market. It becomes a back-breaking task of the clients to select any one or combination of investing mechanisms like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, etc. As they have their own challenges, it becomes a laborious task for the clients to pin-point the suitable one. On the contrary, mutual funds serve as a one-stop destination for clients to satisfy all their investment related needs. Whether they may intend to have a capital appreciation or simply invest to park their surplus money. A mutual fund is a bridge which helps in converting savings into investments through a secured means.
Yes, it is absolutely secure to invest online as the clients get an access to a resource which confers a clear impression of the overall process that is being carried out for multiplying their money. It implies that complete transparency is maintained in online transactions which makes investing an effortless task. As there is no involvement of any agent or advisor, the clients enjoy the liberty of investing and redeeming their investments without getting influenced by any false advertisements and promises.

Online investment is quite easier as compared to the offline mode. There is a small procedure that is required to be followed by investors in order to attain the expected returns over a long duration.


a)Open up an investment account.

b)Complete your KYC (Know Your Customer) formalities

c)Create a portfolio.

d)Choose Your Funds.

e)Realize the payment through any one of the online payment methods.


These points cover the entire investment process which includes a negligible involvement of papers.

A mutual fund caters to the variegated needs of the clients at any point of time. It takes advantage of both bullish as well as bearish market scenarios as one can invest in it at any point of time. Unlike, the capital market every time is just the perfect moment to commence investing in mutual funds.
Choosing a correct financial advisor is equally important as choosing the right funds for investing. A good advisor can multiply your wealth manifolds while an amateur will take your investments to a level which will result in reducing the value of their investment. Analyze an advisor before handing over your hard-earned money to him/her. a)Know the credentials of the person. b)Find out the services provided by him. c)Run a deep scan on the background. d)Go through the code of ethics followed by the advisor.

The transactions made using the online payment gateway are fully secured while making the payments, you shall be redirected to the secure payment channel of the respective bank.

All the information provided by the investor is safe and secured as per AMFI Norms and SLA Agreements with all AMC’s. Information is safeguarded by the multilevel protection of SEBI Guidelines as well.

Yes, an investor can buy the schemes online by making the payment also through Debit Card.

Yes, in case an investor desires to make an additional investment at any point in time, he/she can go for it.

No, there is not any involvement of documentations. The transaction process is compeletely paperless.

The online account opening facility is free of cost.

An investor can purchase, switch, transfer and redeem the funds easily.

There are different online services provided to the investors which include compare funds, customized portfolio, Recommended Funds, Top Performing Funds, Top Ranking Funds, Invest in SIPs, ELSS Fund Basket, etc.

No one is allowed to access the account or review the performance of the funds except the account holder. We request you not to disclose your credentials to any third party to ensure the safety of your account.

We do not share the clients’ data with any other party without their consent.

Yes, our expert advisors are 24*7 available to help you solve the queries. You can get associated with them to take advice on any relevant matter.

No. You can have access to your account with the same password as and when required.

Once the transactions are done, we send a confirmation on your registered e-mail ID to make you aware of the same.

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